Support programmes and tutorial groups

Learn more about studying in Braunschweig

If you feel you would like some additional support in your studies, we offer a range of different support programmes that can help you improve your German language skills, organise your studies more efficiently, understand the German university system and get to know the Germans better. Your tutors in the programmes are mostly senior students who will be able to answer all the questions you might have about your studies, the university and life in Germany.

Scout – Integration and intercultural learning

As part of the SCOUT programme, you will receive individual support from a student “scout” over the course of one semester. Together with your tandem partner, you will complete seven different modules including a matching and launch event, regular tandem meetings, intercultural reflection meetings as well as joint leisure activities. Both sides gain something from taking part. As an international student, you will gain real insight into German culture and make contact with German and other international students – and you will even receive credit points for taking part! German students will be able to increase their intercultural competence and of course, will also receive credit points. Above all, however, the exchange is meant to be fun for both sides and make it easier for you to feel at home in Braunschweig.

inTU – Tutoring programme for first-term international students

Getting off to a good start
If you are a student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering or the Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, you can join a special first year programme for international students. As part of the inTU programme, you will receive support from a student tutor during your first semester. You will attend weekly sessions that will help youget to know the German university system and organize your studies efficiently. You will learn a lot about the German culture, meet other German and international students and have a point of contact for all your questions relating to studying and living in Braunschweig.


S.O.S. – Studying without language barriers

S.O.S. stands for “studying without language barriers”. It is a peer teaching programme in which German students can qualify as language coaches and then help their international classmates with their studies. The German language coaches offer study groups for a specific lecture or seminar which they themselves attend as students. Within the S.O.S. programme, you will be working in a group with up to eight other international students. You will review the subject matter from your lecture together, prepare for exams and write term papers. Your language coach will help you to understand the technical language. You will get to know your German and international classmates and will considerably improve your German language skills by discussing your course together.

The Gauss House Project – An intercultural meeting place

The Gauss House Project is a place for German and international students to meet, a venue for intercultural events and an easily accessible supplement to the university’s advisory services.
Here, student groups such as the Gauss Friends, the AStA Department for International Affairs and the AStA Department for International Students organise international festivals, featured-country evenings, educational and other excursions, and regular language tables. New international students can take advantage of the First Steps Programme and the Gauss Buddy Programme. Featured-country evenings are a chance to learn more about your fellow students’ cultures and countries and to introduce them to your own. If you have any questions about your studies, accommodation or life in Braunschweig, you will always find able assistance at the Gauss House Project. The Experiencing Interculturality seminar offers students a first-hand taste of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.