Tutoring programme for first-term international students
inTU is a tutoring and workshop programme offered in Faculties 3 and 4, where German and international students receive support from student tutors during their first semester.… Weiterlesen


Studying without language barriers
S.O.S. is a peer teaching programme in which German students help their fellow students from abroad with their studies. After qualifying as language coaches, the German students lead intercultural study… Weiterlesen


Integration programme for international students
The SCOUT programme brings German and international students together in language pairs. Over the course of a semester, they meet regularly and complete a programme of individual and group… Weiterlesen

The Gauss House Project

An intercultural meeting place
The Gauss House Project is a place for German and international students to meet, a venue for intercultural events and an easily accessible complement to the university’s advisory services.

Here, student … Weiterlesen

Certificate of Intercultural Competence

The Certificate of Intercultural Competence (ZiK) offers TU Braunschweig students a way to gain recognition for all of the international experiences and competencies they have gained during their studies. This includes time spent abroad,… Weiterlesen


Bridging course for refugees
Bridges4Refugees is a programme for refugees who want to begin or continue their studies at TU Braunschweig. The prerequisite for participation is a foreign university entrance qualification. For several … Weiterlesen

EU Project Management Office

EU projects made easy: the EU Project Management Office, a subdivision of the Research Service and EU Office, supports TU Braunschweig’s institutes by handling all the administrative processes associated with EU projects. The office supports… Weiterlesen

Research Guide

TU Braunschweig’s Research Guide provides short portraits of the professors at our university and at external research institutions. The pieces include their research activities and focuses, academic career histories and contact information.… Weiterlesen

University Guide

English-language image brochure

In 2017, TU Braunschweig‘s University Guide was published in English for the first time. The content is for the most part the same as that of the German version, supplemented by information aimed at international… Weiterlesen

TU Braunschweig’s Language Policy

TU Braunschweig has developed a language policy that specifies guidelines for the use and importance of German and other languages in research and development. The following primary objectives have been identified:

  • To improve the linguistic

Dual Degrees

Guidelines for structuring Dual Degree Programmes
Dual Degree Programmes can be introduced in addition to regular exchange programmes if the programme managers and faculties wish to do so. This strictly structured and regulated student… Weiterlesen

English-taught Courses

To ensure and enhance TU Braunschweig’s attractiveness to international partner universities, each discipline should offer a sufficient number of courses given in English so that exchange students are able to earn the required 30 credits… Weiterlesen

Strategic Partnerships

TU Braunschweig has a large number of international partners, but until now, they have not been chosen or cultivated systematically. By categorising its partnerships and designating strategic partners, TU Braunschweig plans to lay the… Weiterlesen