"Braunschweig is not an expensive city. With € 670, you can lead a good life here."

Lian came from China to study electrical engineering in Braunschweig. He was lucky enough to immediately find an inexpensive room in a hall of residence., where many international students choose to live. At the weekend they often cook together, while on weekdays they usually arrange to meet for lunch in the refectory.

Lian cycles to the university; he bought his bicycle from a fellow student living in his hall of residence. In the winter, he uses his semester ticket which entitles him to free bus travel.

To further improve his German, Lian is also taking a German course at the Sprachenzentrum. Two hours a week - a relatively small time commitment, but really helpful to his studies. He also plays volleyball with his friends once a week at the Sports Centre. Both courses are offered free of charge.

These are Lian's monthly expenses:  
  • Room including heating, electricity and water
€ 240
  • Food and drink
€ 175
  • Clothing
€ 40
  • Health and liability insurance
€ 85
  • Study materials, computer and textbooks
€ 35
  • Telephone and Internet
€ 30
  • Leisure and sports
€ 50
  • Public transport
€ 0
Total expenses € 655