"If you want to see much of Europe, you really need to budget some extra money."

Antônio from Brazil studies architecture in Braunschweig. This course is rather expensive: apart from textbooks and periodicals, he spends a lot of money on printouts, model building and drawing materials.

While not studying, Antônio does a lot of sports. He goes jogging and plays tennis at the university's Sport Centre. This only costs € 45 a semester – very little compared to his previous tennis club.

Antônio lives in a studio apartment. This is more expensive than renting a simple room in a shared flat. And he does a lot of travelling: during his stay in Braunschweig he wants to see as much of Europe and the European architecture as possible. London, Paris, Prague or Barcelona – Braunschweig makes a good base. Inexpensive flights are available from Hanover Airport to many of the European capitals.

These are Antônio's monthly expenses:  
  • Apartment including heating, electricity and water
€ 340
  • Food and drink
€ 200
  • Clothing
€ 50
  • Health and liability insurance
€ 85
  • Study materials, computer and textbooks
€ 65
  • Telephone and Internet
€ 35
  • Leisure and sports
€ 150
  • Public transport
€ 0
Total expenses € 925